• An elegant and concise summary of the Cloud of Unknowing

    Posted in Everything on Mar 28, 2019

    I found this brief summary of a well-known mystical work to be compelling. I found it while researching an obscure subject. I set aside the article, and went on with my day. The narrative was so compelling, though, it worked on my unconcious for many hours after I read it. My mind stayed on it through the night, and the next day I awakened still thinking about it. I immediately got out of bed and, no longer remembering where I originally found the information, I searched all my recent history for the tiniest clue for a reference to this linked article, before remembering "apophatic prayer and ...

  • The Place of Humility in Science

    Posted in Everything on Mar 22, 2019

    Always nice to see someone talking about the place of humility in science, as it requires making connections which tend to deepen the general narrative. For example, the article points out where science is being abused by many of its own adherants. This is a thought-provoking perspective, and seems well-defended. Consider this, for example:

    It is impossible for science to obtain a true theory of everything. And the reason for that is epistemological. Basically, the way we acquire information about the world is through measurement. It’s through instruments, right? And because of that, our measu...

  • More on the something and the nearly-nothing and structure

    Posted in Everything, Postinfinity Tergiversation on Mar 10, 2019

    This thread has some very intriguing comments. I particularly like the following two insights, which give empirical evidence relavant to some ideas explored in this recent post by me.

    Penetrating to the origin of structure itself as related to the low entropy at the beginning of the universe

    The Biggest Question in the Universe

    "I personally think that the biggest question in the universe is the one asked by Roger Penrose, which is "How is it that the Universe came into existence with such an incredibly low entropy?" It's the biggest question, in my mind, because that extremely low entropy whi...

  • A parsimonious and fairly logical contemplation on the nature of the beginning

    Posted in Everything, Mathy Stuff, Postinfinity Tergiversation on Mar 08, 2019

    It is utterly impossible for something to arise from true absolute nothing. This can be seen immediately by anyone imagining an infinite expanse of nothing... first comes the paradox of where this nothing exists. It has no dimension, size, shape, form, feature, nor attribute of any kind. It is pure, absolute nothing, nowhere. If this can be imagined, then imagine something coming into being from that nothing.

    It cannot be done.

    There is absolutely no way that something can arise from nothing. Although the mind can actually imagine something appearing out of nowhere, remember, this is happening...

  • On Graduating from Kabbalah

    Posted in Everything on Mar 05, 2019

    It is normal to encounter ideas which we entertain briefly and sincerely, but upon close inspection, later reject or lay aside one way or another. This happens so often that it's hardly a big deal when we reject an idea or constellation of ideas we once thought attractive, although it can be a big deal if we believed an idea for a long time. Like friendships, antiques, and wine, truly good ideas get more precious over time -- and bad ideas more pernicious.

    I will admit it was a big deal to reject an idea which fascinated me for a while early in my intellectual journey when, for example, I rej...

  • Setting Up CMU Sphinx (PocketSphinx) on Ubuntu

    Posted in Everything on Feb 04, 2019

    The instructions in a blog post for Ubuntu 14.04 (linked below) worked for me on Ubuntu 18, with one extra step after you complete the following:

    I tried to run it after these steps and got this error:

    cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory on pocketsphinx

    So I ran the following two lines of bash:

    echo 'export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib' >> ~/.bashrc

    source ~/.bashrc

    This resolved the issue, and I was able to run it as described in the article. from Baker Street Systems.

  • Error TS6053 File '...node_modules/keycode/keycode.d.ts' not found.

    Posted in Everything on Oct 24, 2018

    What to do when you see the following in Visual Studio? "Error TS6053 File '...node_modules/keycode/keycode.d.ts' not found."

    I have learned that whenever I see this error, to simply restart Visual Studio and recompile. The error goes away. If anyone knows of an easier way to resolve this, comment below. Thanks.

  • Error TS6053 File '(path...) /node_modules/keycode/keycode.d.ts' not found

    Posted in Everything on Oct 15, 2018

    Have you gotten this error? Is it sometimes accompanied by the even more rare

    Failed to load view '...' because it's not a React element

    If so, restart Visual Studio. These errors seem to go away when you do that. Wasn't able to find this information by Googling, so here it is for you.

    Hm, that 2nd one is more intransigent than I thought. I was able to remove it by setting a breakpoint where it occurs in bundle.js, and then restarting after the breakpoint is hit. Strangely, that eliminated the error, but I'm still having issues with Visual Studio not being able to find things which are definit...

  • A very simple "Using C# HttpClient from Sync and Async code"

    Posted in Everything on Oct 08, 2018

    Simplicity is so nice. I just spent two hours zooming all over the web looking for a very simple HTTPClient code sample. Of dozens that I saw, all of them were overcomplicated. I knew it was just a matter of a few lines of code, and couldn't believe the poor quality and needless complexity I was seeing. The most promising alternative to HTTPClient, for example, RestSharp, currently has code samples which do not match the actual code, which is unfortunate because it does look like the best way to go. I'm not trying to debug someone else's project, I'm simply looking for the easiest way to get u...

  • How to Install the Falcon Agent on Ubuntu Linux (full instructions)

    Posted in Everything on Oct 02, 2018

    After wrestling for a while trying to get CrowdStrike's falcon sensor app running properly in Ubuntu, we found that the online documentation is incomplete. A round trip to their support team got us this PDF (Falcon Sensor for Linux Deployment Guide Documentation Support _ Falcon), which gave us the information we needed:

    Install; your version may be different, the package is available on your portal.

    sudo dpkg -i falcon-sensor_4.12.0-5704_amd64.deb

    Then, had to run these three commands because of a dependency issue. Ignored a few notification-type errors.

    sudo apt-get install libnl1
    sudo ap...