• How to retain intuitive coherence while studying deeply

    Posted in Everything on Aug 07, 2018

    I just encountered this quote from Salomon Maimon, and it expresses the way I have approached mathematics (which is I believe different from the way most people approach it). The reason I learned to study this way is that I believe so intensely what I believe, I must be careful what I believe. For example, it takes me long arduous effort to disentangle myself from other people's thinking flaws. So I had to learn to let my own intuition guide my understanding of new ideas, rather than letting the narrative of another thinker -- who may have accepted underlying axioms and premises which I do not...

  • The logical necessity of honoring your parents

    Posted in Everything, Postinfinity Tergiversation on Aug 07, 2018

    Perhaps it can be expressed in acorn form first, but there is a large and complex tree buried in this insight, which will take a lot of room to fully express. To start, we have this realization that is predicated in a sense of survival, a sense of continuity. Whether it arises in reaction to a horror of death or is something deeper and kinder, for example a thread connecting us to All, is not so important as the realization that we each have within us a powerful motive to stay alive.

    So accepting that as a foundation, we can look into the future and realize that after we eventually die all tha...

  • Diving in to React JS

    Posted in Developing Software on Aug 07, 2018

    After circling around it for weeks, looking at every other option I could find, I finally decided that ReactJS has what I want to carry me forward for the next few projects, possibly years if it goes as well as I think. I fell in love with JSX the moment I saw it, we shoulda been using that long long ago, it's very intuitive. All of React seems very intuitive, which is what I have always loved about JavaScript.

    Found this nice series of videos at Laracasts, very well done, just my speed. A good place to dig in and see how React coding happens.

    "While Laracasts is dedicated to PHP and Laravel, ...

  • Little known insight into Galileo's paradigm shift

    Posted in Everything on Aug 05, 2018

    Well, little known to me at least. Had no idea that Galileo was the one who invented mathematical physics. I found this insight fascinating. Emphasis mine:

    Perhaps the most important move in the scientific revolution was Galileo’s declaration that mathematics is the language of natural science. But he felt able to declare this only after he had revolutionised the philosophical picture of the world. Before Galileo it was generally assumed that matter had sensory qualities: tomatoes were red, paprika was spicy, flowers were sweet-smelling. It’s hard to see how these sensory qualities could be ca...

  • Before the beginning

    Posted in Everything, Postinfinity Tergiversation on Jul 04, 2018

    Before the beginning, the Holy One awakened one morning as the birds began to sing their serenade to the coming sunrise. We whose love for the Father is so great we cannot bear to be separated from him, our beloved whose every breath is a great wonder for the infinite depth of meaning which permeates all he does, gathered around in quietness. His mind was alert, the light of his thoughts blazing from within, guided by the oneness of his heart, radiating outward throughout all of creation by the grace of His Beloved, the children whose birth would complete his oneness as The Father. The love of...

  • Our purpose is joy

    Posted in Everything on Jul 02, 2018

    I wrote the following in response to a friend who was saying there was no obvious purpose, and quoting Kierkegaard on how we create our own purpose until we realize it is absurd:

    I believe there is a purpose, and our purpose is "joy," and suggest that we are at the very initial phase in achieving that purpose. We are learning the extent of what is Not Joyful, so that as we one day arrive at the final phase -- where all is Joy -- we have no doubt whatsoever that we have exhausted all possible alternatives wherein joy is less. To have no doubt is to be absolutely certain.

    Having certainty that o...

  • Love is the standard

    Posted in Everything on Jun 12, 2018

    Love Won the War

  • Shortcut to start VPN connection with a single click in Windows 10

    Posted in Developing Software on May 22, 2018

    Alas, Windows 10 introduced an absurdly complicated way to start a VPN connection where it used to take only a couple clicks. Turns out you can make a shortcut that will allow you to single-click your way into a VPN connection like the good old days.

    Winaero.com does a great job of describing how to set up the shortcut link for a VPN connection, but note that this approach will pop up a CMD console which awkwardly sits there the whole time it is connecting. Fortunately, you can turn that off by setting the Shortcut Property for "Run" as "Minimized" instead of the default "Normal Window."

    That ...

  • Hilarious notes on a programming task that got absurdly complicated

    Posted in Developing Software, Everything on May 17, 2018

    In the end, it looks like I should have searched through the code for all SQL commands like "SELECT" and "UPDATE" and "INSERT" and determined which tables I needed. Might have saved a few days. But you know how you get tunnel vision when you're down the rabbit hole. So, instead of something simple yet tedious, here is what happened:

    • in order to run app, need to connect to certain tables in database
    • only need a couple but not sure which, to be sure need to trace through a bunch of code so... quicker to download all tables
    • except... there are a dozen tables some of them gigabytes on...

  • You cannot step outside infinity to perform an operation on or within infinity

    Posted in Everything, Postinfinity Tergiversation, Pre-Preprint Stuff on May 04, 2018

    Okay, it's a pretty raw tangle of thought experiment, but here we go: You can't. There is no such thing as multiple infinities. Imagine if there were, all such multiple infinities would simply exist within a "larger" infinity that is ultimately singular. That ultimately singular one is the only true infinity, as any smaller ones are "not as infinite" in comparison to it, and cannot rightfully be considered actually infinite, although they could be considered as approaching infinity.

    Consider having a cake, with a book beside the cake that contains 144 ways to cut the cake. Now cut the cake acc...