What to do when qemu-guest-agent on CentOS does not work after installing with yum

After installing qemu-guest-agent with yum, which was easy enough with sudo yum install qemu-guest-agent I did not see IP information in the proxmox host, so I knew it was not yet working. I tried several things, none of them worked. First I tried looking at the status. Got an error indicating the service was not installed:

# sudo service qemu-ga status
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl status qemu-ga.service
Unit qemu-ga.service could not be found.

So then I tried to reinstall, but got a notice that it was already installed:

# sudo yum install qemu-guest-agent
Package 10:qemu-guest-agent-2.12.0-3.e17.x86_64 already installed and latest version
Nothing to do

So I tried to start the service, got an error that it didn't exist:

# sudo chkconfig qemu-ga on
Error reading information on service qemu-ga: No such file or directory

Same with service qemu-ga start and so forth.

Startpage search turned up this hit in the proxmox forums.

And Proxmox also recommends reboot for "some distros."

So I rebooted. Seemed like a lot for a little, but, rebooting the guest server solved the problem.

Note, the two error messages for status and chkconfig still appear after reboot, even though the guest agent is working properly.

Posted in Developing Software on Jul 08, 2021

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