The neutral pole… decides everything

We usually think of the pole of the switch as some kind of neutral, like the definition of the word “set” in set theory, the neutral pole at the center…

Everybody knows – Leonard Cohen – YouTube

Everybody knows.

The Guy Who Posts Leonard Cohen’s “The Partisan” On Your Wall Every Day

It’s a bot. Stops working on Veteran’s Day 2020. Doesn’t exist, just an idea.

Gieseking in 1944 Berlin: First Complete Stereo Tape Recording

Beethoven: Piano Concerto in E Flat, Op. 73, “Emperor,” with Artur Rother conducting the Berlin Reichsander Symphony Orchestra. Historic Stereo by the Music and Arts Programs of America, 1990 CD…

Stub of an RFC for voluntary advertising-free zone on Internet

All URLs ending with \:ptth are agreed to be an advertising-free version of the same URL without this suffix. The domain names all map to the html as well as…


by John Owen November 2016 THE LOOM OF GOD Tapestries of Mathematics and Mystery God is the Cosmic Fire And we are All tiny Flames When we pass from this…

Time for Morality Engines, Ethical Overrides, and Cybernetic Governors

Read the following link, then my comment below. More importantly than techie cops, we need the cybernetic intelligence to be self-governing, and that requires some kind of morality engine….

Well this idea went from obscure to mainstream fast

via A quantum revolution against Feynman diagrams | Ars Technica.

Lions do not fight mosquitos

They don’t.

These two GIFs make me happy and fall in love with math

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