Time for Morality Engines, Ethical Overrides, and Cybernetic Governors

More importantly than techie cops, we need the cybernetic intelligence to be self-governing, and that requires some kind of morality engine. I know the approach in the link below is…

Well this idea went from obscure to mainstream fast

via A quantum revolution against Feynman diagrams | Ars Technica.

Lions do not fight mosquitos

They don’t.

These two GIFs make me happy and fall in love with math
How to backup your iPhone if your screen is not working

Very cool that this worked, so I figured I’d share online in case it happens to you. The screen went bad on my iPhone 5, so I couldn’t tell the…

What Kind of Group Work Encourages the Most Original Thinking?

what we discovered was great originality comes from being quick to start but slow to finish. That when you dive right into a task, you close yourself off to incubation….

As deep as it gets. I’m right you’re wrong OR I’m wrong you’re right

When a child is young and does not know much in the way of the world, he must engage with it on the assumption that he is wrong and the…

DMCA and the Internet of Things – Schneier on Security

“In theory, the Internet of Things promises to make your life easier and your work more efficient, … saving you time, money, and energy… except when the companies that make…

Articles: The Quiet Revolution: How the New Left Took Over the Democratic Party

http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/08/the_quiet_revolution_how_the_new_left_took_over_the_democratic_party_.html Gramsci argued that communists’ route to taking power in developed, industrialized societies such as Europe and the United States would be best achieved through a “long march through the…

The declining half life of secrets

If I had time I’d write a book on this immediately and expect it would sell well — there is a hungry audience for this kind of analysis. Bruce Schneier…

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