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Another way of seeing is embedded in how you see now

A story I once heard, but a quick search didn't turn up details, so if others have more information, let me know in the comments: Somewhere in the 70s there was a drive to develop software for Air Traffic Controllers to use. The first iteration of the software was an abysmal failure. The second iteration, done more carefully with lessons learned, was also an abysmal failure. So the third time around, the software architects recruited air traffic controllers to learn how to write software, and taught them how to code. This team created a system that worked, and worked well for decades.

Whether the story is true is unknown to me, but the point is clear: There is something known in a language beyond language, an inner intuition, about complex multi-dimensional interactions, which is very difficult to touch with the linear world of words, Greek logic, and rational, scientific thought.

(To be continued when I have more time)